This is my first release as a solo artist and as I embarked on this solo CD project, Iíve tried to pick a few songs that I feel helped me make it, but also reflect who I am and where Iím going. I wanted to do the entire project myself, and I knew where to start but had no idea how to finish. Thankfully time brought a good ending and Iím forever changed by the experience and forever grateful to those who helped me through it.

My inspiration has always come from my mom and all my friends with whom Iíve sung & played with. I thank all for sharing their talent and friendship.

This love has sustained me, and made all that you now see and hear possible. I have been very fortunate to meet many kind and interesting people, and now technology has enabled me to reach people worldwide, so however it is that you have found me you are welcome!

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($15 + $5 shipping and handling to the US)

While on Bonaire you can pick up a copy at Captain Donís Habitat & Buddy Dive Resort.

Try a taste of my Fire album from me to you where ever you are.

Songs are like paintings that tell a tale; the sounds are the colors, the story is the frame. So think of this CD as a little art gallery where you can peak into my heart and hear impressions of my world, and visit any time you like. Know that somewhere on a small island underneath the moon is a place I call home, a place you are always welcome.